If you are called by God to start your business in the marketplace, it means you are entrusted by God with a purpose and a mission from Him. Always remember that having a Christian business is a calling from God and He is Lord over your business. In this regard, we must allow His Holy Spirit to lead us and empower us to manifest all our talents, skills, abilities, knowledge and wisdom. When we submit to God, His will in Heaven happens in your overall business operations. You will be used by God more to be His light and salt in the marketplace. He will use you as a channel of blessings for others as you faithfully steward the business that God has given you. Your business will become a Kingdom instrument to lead more souls to our Lord Jesus Christ. All for the glory of God!


It is our heart to pray and commune with God. We believe that when you partner with God with your business, you will truly experience fruitfulness and breakthroughs! You will surely inherit the blessings of God's Kingdom when you operate in His kingdom principles. Our God is a good God and He desires to bless His children specially those who obey Him (Deuteronomy 28). We desire that your business becomes God’s light and salt in the marketplace. And we would like to pray and intercede for your business so it will be in alignment to the will of God (Colossians 4:12).

Need a
Business Coach?

We are happy to inform you that we have a free 30-day business coaching session with you and our business and career coach. We are happy to help you formulate a solution to your business problems and challenges. To God be the Glory!


Feel free to Join our Kingdom Business solutions Webinar. We address challenges that many of our Brothers and Sisters are facing as they run their business in the marketplace. Join and ask questions! Click the button below and we will give you more information about our webinar. 



2019 is a year of action and progress for your business. Things will be moving faster this year. Those goals of yours that take months to complete, you shall complete them in days. Ask the favor of God to be upon all the works of your hands so you can receive greater progress and success! Ask for covering and protection from the Holy Spirit of God so you can be free from any attacks from the evil one. Ask for God's Holy Spirit to help you focus more on your business goals this year. Dedicate all the works of your hands for the glory of God!

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Prophetic Marketplace Intercessors

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Prophetic Marketplace Intercessors

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